Welcome to the home of SailorX (and Annastrianna)!

Welcome, welcome! This is probably the part of the old SailorGalleries that has the most frequent visitors! I am glad so many of you are enjoying the Sailor Generators and will continue to work on making the best Sailor Generator out there! ^_^

There are two Generators: SailorX(basic) and SailorXv2. The first one is not very likely going to receive any more updates because my new obsession is SailorXv2! To download the files please visit the rules page.

Keep checking back here for updates!

August 29th, 2008 New hair menu, new hairstyle and a call for submissions! read about it on my dA account!
August 16th, 2008 Sorry about the lack of updates. I've been very busy with life and all that. Please check my dA account for information on minor updates and announcements! Thank you! :)
April 30th, 2008 Saturns "lotus petal" shoulder pads and shoe laces, as well as a round choker symbol added to SailorXv2.08! [Preview]
April 22nd, 2008 BIG UPDATE to SailorXv2.08! The final five skin colors are added, the two parts of the eternal belt and bow are colorable separately and the Playfield is narrowed down! So you people with a screen resolution of 1024x768 should now be fine. (There is still some scrolling but I won't reduce that. This will have to do.) [Skin Colors Preview]

- Diana

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