She is a doll I created when I was regularly playing Dungeons & Dragons or similar fantasy roleplaying games. And whenever I create a character I want a picture of that character to show everyone! That's how the idea of Annastrianna was born.

Annastrianna has clothes that should somewhat fit most of the common classes. You'll find dresses, cloaks, armor and swords! Unfortunately my plans of including all typical weapons was scrapped since this was big enough project already. Maybe I'll create an expansion some day.

You need a Kisekae viewer to be able to play with any Kisekae doll. If you are also here for SailorXv2 then you will need UltraKiSS. A great viewer for players and developers alike.
However, the color menu works a little better in DirectkiSS. If you are here only because of Annastrianna I recommend DirectkiSS. If you have UltrakiSS installed already just use that first and if you're enthusiastic enough about Annastrianna consider also installing DirectkiSS. ;)

If you are a Mac user then the only available KiSS viewer is UltrakiSS.

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