After finishing the first Sailor Generator I wanted to create one with a doll drawn by myself. SailorXv2 is the result of that!
She is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION so watch this space for updates!

The menu for SailorXv2 has gone through many changes. At first I wanted to let you mix endless colors yourself, but the three layers and endless possibilities seemed too overwhelming. Plus: It made reproducing a color rather difficult, too! Then I switched to a fixed color menu.

I am currently working on v2.08 and it will have almost 800 colors! SailorXv2.07 is no longer updated and will be removed once I have created an additional version of v2.08 with a narrower playfield (will fit screens of 1024px width).

You need a Kisekae viewer to be able to play with any Kisekae doll.
For SailorXv2 you will need UltraKiSS specifically. No other viewer will work.

If you are a Mac user then the only available KiSS viewer is UltrakiSS.

Annastrianna, SailorXbasic and SailorXv2 and all it's incarnations © Diana Hold