FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to use your Kisekae dolls?

You need to download a viewer. For SailorXv2 you will need UltraKiSS specifically. No other viewer will work.
The coding in SailorXbasic is very basic and pretty much any viewer should work. If you only want to play with SailorXbasic then I recommend PlayFKiSS. It is a very simple, very basic viewer. However, if you wish to try out SailorXv2 as well then you will need UltraKiSS. A great viewer for players and developers alike.
The best viewer for Annastrianna is DirectKiSS, though UltraKiSS will also work, just not as well.

If you are a Mac user then the only available KiSS viewer is UltrakiSS.

Once you have installed it onto your computer, open it.
Then go to "file - open" and browse through to where you saved the .lzh file (or .zip file for UltraKiSS).
You must open it this way through the viewer! Hope that was clear! ^_^

How do I save a picture of my Sailor Senshi?

Do not use the disk button to save your senshi! That button is for saving the whole doll, not just your current picture. All of the following functions will save the whole playfield (ie also the menu) as an image so you will need a graphics program to crop the image.
UltraKiSS: Go to "File -> Export...". A window will open that let's you choose the file type. I usually choose PNG cause it's faster than BMP. Make sure that under "File prefix" you enter a name for your file. In the current version there appears to be a path entered by default - if you don't change that you will get an error message because the file name can't include special characters like "/".)
Direct KiSS: Go to "Tools -> Create Screenshot" and it does it for you.
PlayFKiSS: Go to "File -> Save as Bitmap... " and then make sure that after the file name you have a ".bmp" extension like so: "SailorName.bmp".

Alternatively you can take a screen capture with the "Print screen" (or similar) button on your keyboard, then paste the picture into your graphics program.


The colours won't change or I only get the lightest shades! What's wrong?

Please make sure you are using the latest version of UltraKiSS. Go to: Help -> About UltraKiSS
The Build Date should read January 24th 2008 or later. If it doesn't, please download UltraKiSS again from KisekaeWorld.com. Sometimes there are updates to the viewer without a version number change.


Will you add ...?

No, sorry. I am focusing on Version 2 of SailorX now and doubt that I will want to work on SailorXbasic again.

Something isn't working right. Can you help?

Probably not. I only create the dolls, and as far as I know there are no bugs with SailorXbasic.
If there are problems with the viewer you will need to contact the developer.

If you are using DirectKiSS (for SailorXbasic, SailorXv2.01 or Annastrianna) and are experiencing difficulties please contact Dov at the Otakuworld forums. Best to include the bug report (you can get that under "Help" while viewing the doll) and if possible include a screen shot.

General stuff

May I upload the image to my website/online gallery/etc?

Sure! But make sure you have read the Rules first!

May I use the image as an avatar/banner/etc?

Sure! But make sure you have read the Rules first!

Annastrianna, SailorXbasic and SailorXv2 and all it's incarnations © Diana Hold