I don't have many rules so please read them carefully. If you see someone going against these rules I would be greatful if you let me know!! (Check contact page)

  1. If you display the image created with one of my dolls on your website, make sure that you add a link to "" on the same page where the image is displayed. For this purpose I will add more banners and buttons as soon as possible, but a text link is just fine.
  2. If you put your name on the image and display it anywhere make sure that you don't just write your name alone (because people could think that you created the doll) but that you write something like "character by [yourname], Sailor Generator by".
  3. If you use the image for an avatar/banner/etc on a message board or similar make sure that you give credit for it in your signaure. If that's not possible, then both images must not exceed a height of 100px.
  4. If you add the image to an online gallery, add a comment in your art description that states that you created the image using SailorX (or Annastrianna) and link back to either or my account in that gallery (or both if you are feeling generous! ^_^).
    My deviantART account: SailorXv2.
    My SheezyArt Account: DianaT17.
    My AnimeXX Account: Annastrianna.
  5. If you change/edit anything on the final picture and display it online make sure you tell your viewers/visitors what exactly you changed! It may not be the nicest thing to say but there are some edits out there that I don't like and I wouldn't want anyone to think that I did them.

Thank you.

Now that you have read the rules feel free to download your desired dolls! ^_^
I am offering v2.01 and v2.07 for sentimental reasons only. SailorXv2.10 is the most delevoped one!

PlayFKiSS DirectKiSS UltraKiSS
Annastrianna n/a Annastrianna Annastrianna
SailorXbasic SailorXbasic SailorXbasic SailorXbasic
SailorXv2.01 (abandoned)
endless colors
n/a SailorXv2 SailorXv2
SailorXv2.07 (abandoned)
Over 400 fixed colors
n/a n/a SailorXv2
Will have 797 fixed colors! New hair menu!
n/a n/a SailorXv2
Annastrianna, SailorXbasic and SailorXv2 and all it's incarnations © Diana Hold